51308 Hazguard MP5 Disposable Coverall Breathable Water Resistant for Type 5 & 6 Applications

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The MP5 Hazguard coverall is a water resistant coverall, made from a breathable microporous fabric with stitched seams for extra strength.
These coveralls are designed for protection against hazardous substances and contamination of both product and personnel. They are typically used, dependent upon the severity of the toxicity and the conditions, for protection against air borne particles and limited non-toxic splash and spray. 

SGS Certificate GB10/81990

Certified to Protection Level:
Type 5 — Barrier to airborn particulate materials and dust (EN 13982-1)
Type 6 — Barrier to limited splash and liquid spray (EN 13034)
EN 1073-2 - For protection against radioactive contamination
EN 1149-5 - Anti-static
DIN 32781 – Protective suits against pesticides
Microporous fabric is tested in accordance with Chemical liquid (EN368) and blood penetration (ASTM F1670) resistance, and EN 14126 - For protection against biological hazards and infective agents:
ISO 16603:2004 – Resistance to penetration by blood and body fluids  – Class 6
ISO 16604:2004 – Resistance to penetration by blood-borne pathogens – Class 1
ISO 22611:2003 – Resistance to penetration by biologically contaminated aerosols – Class 3
ISO 22612:2005 – Resistance to dry microbial penetration – Class 3
ISO 22610:2006 – Resistance to wet bacterial penetration – Class 6